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So another “this happened to me today”, I was working on a Pages document (Apple Mac iWork) and when I tried to share it as an ePub I had a problem because it didn’t like the movie file format I had imported. During the export, it shows the dialog almost finished, right near the end but it gets stuck. Pages has stopped responding and being patient as always I left it in the vain hope it would repair itself given time, my patience lasted 15 minutes of listening to my MacBook Airs’ fans flying at full tilt and I force quit.


Ok this is where my problems started, I open Pages back up and it brings up the same export dialog only now with no text and it basically ends up modal so I can’t do anything. A bit of searching around can’t seem to find anything, the right search terms are hard to get google to find anything on it. Ask a few friends and then finally I stumble on an awesome tip squirrelled away in a Apple Forum asking about a completely unrelated problem.

Hold shift when you click the Application icon in the dock

No, seriously this works. Doing this makes Pages open up the Open Document dialog and this takes precedence over any Application Save State. This also works with Numbers and Keynote when they have the same type of hanging.

From there just open the Pages document that was hanging and close it again.

The reason this works is because the Application Save State is overridden meaning you can open up the document that was causing the hang and close it, essentially re-writting the  Application Save State when you save the document.


Alternate Option


Thanks to Dave Moyle for the location of the Application Save State and offering another way to resolve the issue e.g. – find the Application Save State and delete it.


Alternate Alternate Option

Really just the same option as above but for those looking for a terminal command to do this – why are you looking? you should already know how to do this if you’re going to try this.

Anywho if you want, being aware that the -rf will bypass trash and you can seriously mess things up and I don’t think you should seeming there is a very easy and non-breaky-everything way already posted above and also it’s_so_not_my_fault-you_have_been_warned:


rm -rf ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/


rm -rf ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/


rm -rf ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/

What I’d google to find this

Apple Mac Pages  Number  Keynote iWork hanging frozen modal blank dialog can't do anything


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