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5 Tools to take your iBooks to the next level

One of my favourite tasks last year was to help teachers create iBooks. I use iBooks Author and associated third party applications frequently, but sometimes it isn’t always what is needed for the task at hand. I often remind teachers that there are plenty of ways to create content! and sometimes we only need quick and simple tools to create materials.


My current top 5 favourite picks are:

Thinglink:To annotate an image with interactive tags. Provides a unique weblink that you can embed in an iBook, LMS, etc. Here’s one on “Historic Buildings of Claremont” I created recently for an iBook.

Canva: Create posters, presentations, graphics and more. Allows you to download or even share with other Canva users to edit too.

Piktochart: Most popular for creating infographics, but also allows you to create posters and presentations. Easy to download or share your creations using a link.

Skitch: Annotate images easy using this tool. Features such as the integration of Google Maps makes it a simple tool to use! Also works in tandem with Evernote.

Marqueed: Another great option to annotate and draw on images.


Other tools I have been using recently include Prezi and Emaze, but please use the animations with caution if you have students that are likely to get motion sickness! It is also important to mention that you may want to use some of the existing applications you may already have, but in a different way. Why not use Keynote to create an infographic, poster or animation?


These tools give many options for sharing, whether it is a download or a unique link. As I have been creating digital content everyday, I have really tried to ensure that there is diversity as it is easy to fall into the trap of using the same tools, which make the work all look too similar. It is also easy to insert these into the iBooks I have been creating to make them look a little more interesting. It’s important to keep exploring and trying new tools to ensure we are using the best for task at hand with our students.

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