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Accessing iBooks from online

Just a proof of concept that uploading an iBook for parents at schools can happen as easily as a Parent iBook proof of concept download link.

How to get it working in WP

So you’re going to need to add a MIME type to your WordPress if you want to download iBooks from it =)

Go find a plugin

I’m not going to tell you to jump in and modify your function or phpconfigs – go find a plugin. I use Manage Upload Types v1.2  by Jeremy Madea you can get it by visiting the Manage Upload Type plugin site.

Once you have a MIME type configuration tool you will need to add the following type:

ibooks        application/x-ibooks+zip

It only took a little googling to find This solved my question Re: Ibooks – download website link not working on the Apple Support forums. So full kudos to v76yo who already did the hard work for us.

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