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Book Creator to iBooks Author

Creating content is not always an easy task. Last semester I had the opportunity to work with some teachers on creating a simple iBook for a Pre-Primary class. The teachers had made plenty of books using Book Creator with the students so it was an easy jump to understand how they could make an interactive book for […]

5 Tools to take your iBooks to the next level

One of my favourite tasks last year was to help teachers create iBooks. I use iBooks Author and associated third party applications frequently, but sometimes it isn’t always what is needed for the task at hand. I often remind teachers that there are plenty of ways to create content! and sometimes we only need quick and simple […]

Free Customised Recording Booths for Classrooms

Getting creative with teaching and learning spaces is a challenge, especially when you need to record something. Being able to record your voice quickly and easily is one of the best upgrades that classroom technology has had in the last few years. With an emphasis in schools on literacy, teachers are often looking for ways […]

Where did that come from?

We ask our students to reference information from print text, online text, magazines, videos and so on, from such an early age. But when was the last time you asked your students to reference an image? Should they? The simple answer: Yes!   Usage Rights There are plenty of tools available for referencing images and […]

Get Connected and Stay Connected

George Siemens, one of my favourite writers and speakers, tweeted a fantastic article the other day from Scientific American, on “How Networks Are Revolutionizing Scientific (and Maybe Human) Thought”. It discusses the nature of networks and how this adds meaning to existence. Of particular interest to me was the spread of ideas via social networks […]