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SVG Gradient – x1 y1 x2 y2 visualised

Made this to help visualise the start and end gradients for a CSS SVG transformation on hover. This displays the variations of 0% and 100% of x1 y1 x2 y2 for a linear gradient with:


Website Image Size is important

It’s like the old spy technology cliché Smaller is Better. The smaller the file size the faster the load time. Thats pretty much the crux of it, and for schools you’re going to find that your demographics’ internet access speeds vary wildly. So small file sizes for images is pretty important. At this point I could […]

Concern – Announcing the launch of our long awaited Digital Citizenship tool

For a number of years Eyks has been taking registrations of interest for Concern, it’s taken a long time to sort out all the legal and privacy requirements and even though we hoped to announce this sooner: Eyks is launching Concern.net.au Today is Australia’s 2016 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence an auspicious day to to announce we are […]

Open PDF in new tabs – WordPress

To force WordPress to open all PDFs in a new tab, add the following to your theme-functions.php.

This code can be added as just the Script into the header.php of your site, though in certain interfaces it won’t always work. Why would you use this? We use WordPress as a College intranet that is then […]

Mac CSV won’t upload?

Depending on the device that downloads or the system that generates a CSV (or other) text file, the file can be given 1 of 3 end of line styles. Mac = Carriage Return (CR) Unix = Line Feed (LF) Windows =  Carriage Return + Line Feed (CRLF) When uploading a file most servers will run the CSV through […]

Webclip Icons

So I posted a Drop in Jump page a while back and it included a little function I made in Automater called “Web Clip Icons”. It creates the correct sized and named files for (what was then and I haven’t looked at now) having icons on touch enabled apple devices show your own styled image. It also […]

Make Passwords easier

There are hundreds of password related articles out there and instead of adding to the cacophony I’m going to give you a simplified version. Make it long – Password Length is more important than Password Complexity Keep it safe and single – It’s easier to steal a password than crack one   Make it long Size matters – […]

Westpac PayWay – Error HP ACQUIRER INIT REQD

Sometimes you search and search and then discover that the information just isn’t out there, so the best thing to do is to share once you know. I’m helping a community Summer Market setup a PayWay for collecting funds electronically – followed all the steps and it still didn’t work. Kept getting the following error: […]