Book Creator to iBooks Author

Creating content is not always an easy task. Last semester I had the opportunity to work with some teachers on creating a simple iBook for a Pre-Primary class. The teachers had made plenty of books using Book Creator with the students so it was an easy jump to understand how they could make an interactive book for their students. However, they weren’t quite ready for iBooks Author.


To give them a stepping stone, I asked the teachers to create what they wanted in Book Creator. They were able to come up with what they wanted, but quickly understood the limitations with formatting with this program.


From here, I exported it as an ePub, then opened it in iBooks Author to apply the school’s iBook template and address other formatting issues. The sound recordings even came across to iBook Author without any issues, removing the need to record again!


A simple solution to start the teachers on the path to create iBooks for the public iBook store, but more importantly, appropriate tools for their students!


If you are interested in the finished product of the teacher’s Community book  or the set of Phonics books that the teacher went onto create next, they are available on the iBooks Store.

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