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Drop in Jump page

While we are building the how-to on creating website layout for education we recognise that some of you out there need a solution for now. So with that in mind we have knocked up a quick Jump page that can be used to navigate between your disparate systems.

Fair warning: this solution is for those of you happy to play with HTML


Corpus Jump page

How do I make it work?

All you need to do is dump the unzipped contents of the download into the root HTML file of your site and then adjust the links and pics. The CSS will make sure the site is responsive and looks good on any device. It is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 so feel free to modify, adapt and share it however you like.


Tips to tweak it

The images for the links are 640×360 (16:9 ratio) so they should look great even on a fullscreen 27″ iMac – looks sweet on an iPad too. BTW its also pretty small @388Kb!


Making icons look pretty

We will cover how to make sweet touch icons later but for now you might like this little helper to convert your logo image into every kind of webclip icon you’ll need with correct names including the favicon.

Webclip icons


Download it

We used the Corpus Christi College intranet as content for the template to show the site as a working demo.

Drop in Jump page