SVG Gradient – x1 y1 x2 y2 visualised


Thanks to @woodnathan for pointing out my visualisations confused the starting point of the axis.


Made this to help visualise the start and end gradients for a CSS SVG transformation on hover.

This displays the variations of 0% and 100% of x1 y1 x2 y2 for a linear gradient with:


Book Creator to iBooks Author

Creating content is not always an easy task. Last semester I had the opportunity to work with some teachers on creating a simple iBook for a Pre-Primary class. The teachers had made plenty of books using Book Creator with the students so it was an easy jump to understand how they could make an interactive book for their students. However, they weren’t quite ready for iBooks Author.


To give them a stepping stone, I asked the teachers to create what they wanted in Book Creator. They were able to come up with what they wanted, but quickly understood the limitations with formatting with this program.


From here, I exported it as an ePub, then opened it in iBooks Author to apply the school’s iBook template and address other formatting issues. The sound recordings even came across to iBook Author without any issues, removing the need to record again!


A simple solution to start the teachers on the path to create iBooks for the public iBook store, but more importantly, appropriate tools for their students!


If you are interested in the finished product of the teacher’s Community book  or the set of Phonics books that the teacher went onto create next, they are available on the iBooks Store.

Concern – Announcing the launch of our long awaited Digital Citizenship tool

For a number of years Eyks has been taking registrations of interest for Concern, it’s taken a long time to sort out all the legal and privacy requirements and even though we hoped to announce this sooner:

Eyks is launching

Today is Australia’s 2016 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence an auspicious day to to announce we are finally finished preparing Concern.

Concern is designed for students to let someone know something is wrong. It creates a path to dialogue that is open and safe, a simple way to let the right person know.

For some schools Concern will slot into place as the missing piece of a puzzle and for others it will be the starting point you have been looking for to take action on your schools Digital Citizenship.

We know Concern can make a difference and we are delighted to finally announce is now available!

Open PDF in new tabs – WordPress

To force WordPress to open all PDFs in a new tab, add the following to your theme-functions.php.

This code can be added as just the Script into the header.php of your site, though in certain interfaces it won’t always work.

Why would you use this?

We use WordPress as a College intranet that is then rendered as an iframe inside their management system SEQTA. This interface means that certain jQuery and Javascript won’t work as expected, specifically linking to pdfs.

Mac CSV won’t upload?

Depending on the device that downloads or the system that generates a CSV (or other) text file, the file can be given 1 of 3 end of line styles.
  1. Mac = Carriage Return (CR)
  2. Unix = Line Feed (LF)
  3. Windows =  Carriage Return + Line Feed (CRLF)
When uploading a file most servers will run the CSV through a Windows system for processing and this requires a (CRLF) file.

Thanks but now what?

So on a Mac you’ll run into this with a few 3rd party uploads you need to do. The data and layout is correct but it just won’t let you upload. The easiest way I am aware of to fix this is to use TextWrangler.
Opening up the CSV file you will see what kind of end of line style it uses. Changing this to CRLF as per the image below should make it good to upload (assuming you have the correct data types and layout).
If this does not fix the upload – you have a different problem, good luck.
Also thanks to List of Random Names – honestly making fake names up is hard (read as: time consuming).

Webclip Icons


So I posted a Drop in Jump page a while back and it included a little function I made in Automater called “Web Clip Icons”. It creates the correct sized and named files for (what was then and I haven’t looked at now) having icons on touch enabled apple devices show your own styled image.

It also made pretty good favicons.


Webclip Icons Download


It seems reading back over that I didn’t do a great deal to explain how to use the Web Clip  Icons very well so I thought I’d make a quick video to show what it does.

After this point you’ll need to add them to an images folder (or where ever you’ve told the header to look for them) and drop them into the folder structure of your site.

Make Passwords easier

There are hundreds of password related articles out there and instead of adding to the cacophony I’m going to give you a simplified version.

  1. Make it long – Password Length is more important than Password Complexity
  2. Keep it safe and single – It’s easier to steal a password than crack one


Make it long

Size matters – in fact it is the most important thing

Password Length is how many characters are in the password.

Password Complexity is how many different types of characters (upper case, lower case, symbols, numbers) are used.

In the most simplified way, the longer the password the harder it is to break.A quick fun test of password security is to put a password similar to yours into here

But I have a 6-8 character password I can type

Well for starters, try not to use the same password twice, on anything, keep them all different. But it’s so hard to remember the 10,000 passwords I have. 

Yeah that is a thing that has become pretty common. Here’s how to fix it:

Type it twice

Basically in 2015 you want a password that is a minimum of 12 characters long. You already have an “old” password you remember how to type that is 6-8 characters minimum. So type it twice and add the initials of the service / site you’re connecting to.

  • Your password that you can type over and over and never get wrong cause you spent 5 years typing it into everything: Lcm87!
    (52 seconds to crack)
  • New Password: Lcm87! Lcm87!
    (465 million years to crack)
  • Facebook: Lcm87! Lcm87! facebook 
    (322 septillion years to crack)
  • Twitter: Lcm87! Lcm87! twitter 
    (3 septillion years to crack)

Better passwords than that

So to make even better passwords;

type a short statement.

You don’t even need capitals or punctuation – the above would be a 23 character password (837 quintillion years to crack) before you put the service name on.
It is pretty easy really.  <- That’s another one.  <- So was that and this.

It’s better than you might think beacuse password cracking programs don’t often include ” ” as a valid character.

Make them even better’er

Instead of a sentence or statement that makes sense use unrelated words – in fact check out XKCDs take on this it explains it really well and with more humour than I can muster: XKCD – Password Strength.

Keep it safe and single

People don’t really value how important their security is

Until someones privacy and security is breached people don’t comprehend how important passwords are (same for backups I’m afraid).  It’s a a key, it’s also very easy to copy (you just need to hear it, or see it). If the wrong key gets stolen (your email for instance) all your other keys are up for “I forgot my password” grabs.

I can get your password faster by tricking you into giving it to me than trying to use a program to break it.

It’s not even hard to remember a password

It is not a heavy burden to be required to remember and keep private a password. You complete far harder and more complex objectives just eating breakfast or driving to work. No more excuses – if you can’t remember your password and need to write it down somewhere, then there is something wrong with you.

Some people can remember facts and figures of sports teams or historical events but then complain about how hard it to remember their password. It is important, it is valuable, it is dangerous and It is your responsibility.

Responsibility – take it.

If you work in a College and have access to private information of students; and you’ve told anyoneyour password – you are incompetent. You are putting so much at risk , think for only a moment about the possible implications of sharing that password, of someone over hearing it, of someone seeing it on the post-it note, of someone watching you type it. You should be paranoid about it. It can do more damage than you think it can and it will be your fault. Your online banking password or the pin to your credit card are nothing in comparison to how important your College password is.

A note to Schools and Colleges

Set a password change to happen at least twice a year (start of Term 2 and 4 are good timing), make the password a minimum of 12 characters. Don’t accept excuses – if a teacher can balance a chemical equation, knows the date or name of any historical battle, can correct your punctuation and spelling or can name an artist from a single song or painting; They can remember a password.

Westpac PayWay – Error HP ACQUIRER INIT REQD

Sometimes you search and search and then discover that the information just isn’t out there, so the best thing to do is to share once you know.

I’m helping a community Summer Market setup a PayWay for collecting funds electronically – followed all the steps and it still didn’t work. Kept getting the following error:

If you see this error call the 1800 # in the instructions as you Westpac need to initiate the keypad. The box that the keypad was in has a PID# – you’ll need that # to have them activate the hardware.

I know it’s not that big of a stretch but the documentation is very good all the way up to that point, so you end up following the steps a few more times to see if you did something wrong. You didn’t. It’s just that they don’t mention it in anywhere (that we could find) that you need to have the hardware initiated by them. The initiation is nearly instant but expect anywhere from a 10-30 min wait trying to get through to someone on the 1800 #.

Also the error code “HP” isn’t referenced in any documentation (that we could find) and googling pointed us to a different Bank and different hardware, ergo this post.

What I’d Google to find this

WebDAV – dock shortcut

I wanted to build on the Mac Staff Home- dock shortcut by utilising WebDAV. This version is better because it allows you to use a single dock icon to connect to all your shares at once (as per your WebDAV setup). It also means the shares are available off campus.

You’ll need to change the with your own WebDAV link.

As always: Use at your own risk.

Haven’t setup WebDAV on your servers?

Save yourself a bunch of time and effort and look into HTTP Commander. Despite what their website looks like it’s actually very good stuff. Quite a few Colleges use this, it’s great and the support people are good.

Connecting to WebDAV from iPads?

The standout in the field for a long time now has been Documents by Readdle. Look into it and you’ll quickly see why, the app is well designed and easy to use. Simple to setup with your WebDAV too. The support people here amazing.


Creating Mac Printing Packages – lpadmin

This is for when you have a print queue and unmanaged macs that you need to create a bundle printer install for. I’ll add the rest of this post later – basically use casper composer or iceberg and add the printer profiles, drivers and icons.

then you’ll need to add a post install script… use this one, but adjust as needed:

*** I know this isn’t great code but if you need to get things started this will set you off – as always use at your own risk. Also, as with most of my knowledge this is based off mixing together better peoples ideas – check Tremily and thanks to Walter Meyer for just being awesome and putting this stuff up online. ***

Additions From Rick Goody

So you are missing some parts.

lpadmin -D “User Friendly Name – All Characters allowed”

If you are using SMB printers you should also run

defaults write /Library/Preferences/ UseShortName -bool YES

Otherwise auth won’t work as smb wants the user short name or SAMid details not full name as apple will try and use

CUPS does not need to be restarted. thats what the -E does

Also another little trick to deploy printer presets to create presets, and deploy to all current users and user template folder. The Preference file is stored “~/Library/Preferences/” as per your script as the -p option

Also in mavericks if you are going to deploy or modify presents on the fly you need to run command from terminal “KillAll cfprefsd” before modifying prefs or use defaults write command

also another little tip. if you want to remove a printer

lpadmin -x Printer_Name_No_Spaces_Allowed


Please be aware that printer packages from Mavericks- Yosemite – El Capitan are like a yoyo with requirements so check your setup and google, this code is only here for historical reference.