Concern – Announcing the launch of our long awaited Digital Citizenship tool

For a number of years Eyks has been taking registrations of interest for Concern, it’s taken a long time to sort out all the legal and privacy requirements and even though we hoped to announce this sooner:

Eyks is launching

Today is Australia’s 2016 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence an auspicious day to to announce we are finally finished preparing Concern.

Concern is designed for students to let someone know something is wrong. It creates a path to dialogue that is open and safe, a simple way to let the right person know.

For some schools Concern will slot into place as the missing piece of a puzzle and for others it will be the starting point you have been looking for to take action on your schools Digital Citizenship.

We know Concern can make a difference and we are delighted to finally announce is now available!

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