Mac CSV won’t upload?

Depending on the device that downloads or the system that generates a CSV (or other) text file, the file can be given 1 of 3 end of line styles.
  1. Mac = Carriage Return (CR)
  2. Unix = Line Feed (LF)
  3. Windows =  Carriage Return + Line Feed (CRLF)
When uploading a file most servers will run the CSV through a Windows system for processing and this requires a (CRLF) file.

Thanks but now what?

So on a Mac you’ll run into this with a few 3rd party uploads you need to do. The data and layout is correct but it just won’t let you upload. The easiest way I am aware of to fix this is to use TextWrangler.
Opening up the CSV file you will see what kind of end of line style it uses. Changing this to CRLF as per the image below should make it good to upload (assuming you have the correct data types and layout).
If this does not fix the upload – you have a different problem, good luck.
Also thanks to List of Random Names – honestly making fake names up is hard (read as: time consuming).

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