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iTunes U – Course image title bar colour

How obscure can those little finishing touches be?

Currently we’re doing a set of Course Images for an iTunes U course so we can get a College wide branding.

We wanted to now how to get the title of the course label across the bottom to be the colour we wanted. We could tell that it was automatically grabbed from the image and after some emails back and forth to Apple we found out that there is a specific pixel that is used to select the colour.

So we could brand each area with their colours and still have a nice constant look and feel we decided to try it out. Unfortunately  we had a bit of a communication break down and add to that nowhere on the net we could find the answer we just went off and trial by error found the right one. Thats when realised that engineers count different to us.


what I’d google search for this article: iTunes U course image title bar colour  how to set or change



Use the pixel as shown below 5 in and 5 up from the bottom left (starting on the first pixel as 0)


everyone else

Use the 6th pixel in from the left and 6th pixel from the bottom (starting on the first pixel as 1)


Its not really that confusing when you look at the picture:

iTunes U course title bar colour pice



The image has to be 600*600px…

yes we know that it says “or larger”, we tried uploading a 1200*1200px image on our first few times and it didn’t work. We adjusted the image size to 600px and it went up first shot.

We’ve been discussing if we should make an app for creating the cover images and setting the title bar colour if you’re interested just leave a comment  and we’ll let everyone know what happens.