WebDAV – dock shortcut

I wanted to build on the Mac Staff Home- dock shortcut by utilising WebDAV. This version is better because it allows you to use a single dock icon to connect to all your shares at once (as per your WebDAV setup). It also means the shares are available off campus.

You’ll need to change the webdav.eyks.com.au with your own WebDAV link.

As always: Use at your own risk.

Haven’t setup WebDAV on your servers?

Save yourself a bunch of time and effort and look into HTTP Commander. Despite what their website looks like it’s actually very good stuff. Quite a few Colleges use this, it’s great and the support people are good.

Connecting to WebDAV from iPads?

The standout in the field for a long time now has been Documents by Readdle. Look into it and you’ll quickly see why, the app is well designed and easy to use. Simple to setup with your WebDAV too. The support people here amazing.


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