Westpac PayWay – Error HP ACQUIRER INIT REQD

Sometimes you search and search and then discover that the information just isn’t out there, so the best thing to do is to share once you know.

I’m helping a community Summer Market setup a PayWay for collecting funds electronically – followed all the steps and it still didn’t work. Kept getting the following error:

Error Code: HP
Error Description: ACQUIRER INIT REQD

If you see this error call the 1800 # in the instructions as you Westpac need to initiate the keypad. The box that the keypad was in has a PID# – you’ll need that # to have them activate the hardware.

I know it’s not that big of a stretch but the documentation is very good all the way up to that point, so you end up following the steps a few more times to see if you did something wrong. You didn’t. It’s just that they don’t mention it in anywhere (that we could find) that you need to have the hardware initiated by them. The initiation is nearly instant but expect anywhere from a 10-30 min wait trying to get through to someone on the 1800 #.

Also the error code “HP” isn’t referenced in any documentation (that we could find) and googling pointed us to a different Bank and different hardware, ergo this post.

What I’d Google to find this

Westpac PayWay Setup Error HP ACQUIRER INIT REQD

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