Who We Are

We create things that make a difference, our focus is on making Education better.

If you want to know which technology path forward your school should take or how to engage your teaching staff in the journey, contact us and we’ll help make it happen.

Skye Moroney

Skye Moroney

Technology Consultant

With more than a decade of professional experience managing and implementing ICT infrastructure and projects in Education, Skye wanted to make a difference on a larger scale.

After experiencing the software and user experience that schools work with inspired Skye to start building apps and information systems to make Teachers Students and Parents experiences at schools better.

If your school is looking to implement or consolidate their ICT, Skye can advise if you’re making a good investment or provide direction on the best path for your school.

Louise Moroney

Louise Moroney

Education Consultant

A teacher for 14 years, having taught internationally and across primary and secondary, Louise’s passion for Science is contagious.

She brings a pragmatic and logical process to staff integrating ICT into their teaching and learning with a compassionate and supportive attitude that reaches all levels of teachers. Though Louise is also well versed and experienced in developing and implementing strategic planning from an executive level.

Louise can help your teachers start their journey with 1-1 classroom PD and also bring to fruition the overall learning strategy for schools.